CD: The Hill Country Devil - Nicotine and China White
  • CD: The Hill Country Devil - Nicotine and China White
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'Nicotine and China White' is the debut album by Hayden Karchmer, The Hill Country Devil.

"Townes Van Zandt once said, when asked why he wrote sad songs, “I don’t write sad songs, I write helpless songs.” Karchmer takes it one step further: his songs reek of desperation, misery and total uselessness. The boy has lived a hell of a life, done some things that he probably shouldn’t have, and been through some stuff that he’d probably rather not have (including being homeless at one point; I hope that’s not the case now). Each and every one of these songs reflects that. And each and every one grabs your attention, pulls at your heartstrings and draws you in, then whispers in your ear “you WILL love me” Put simply, the man is an amazing songwriter, with a fine voice, and a fair bit of guitar playing ability."

  • Mark Kinton, God is in the TV
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